March 24

Jordy’s ride

“I’m taking Jordy for a walk!” I yelled as I opened the door to the garage. I didn’t wait for a response. I grabbed the orange leash and walked toward Jordy’s dog house. “Come on buddy,” I said as I hooked the orange leash. I unhooked the metal run. My nine year-old heart swelled with pride, happy with my decision to give him exercise and freedom. We both turned toward the edge of our lawn, ready to start a few laps.

He bolted forward. I took one, two, three hard steps into the ground. My fast feet tried to keep the orange leash from straightening too tight. Four, five steps. I went quicker now, trying to keep up. Soon, I was sprinting behind my hundred-pound black lab. “He’ll probably get tired soon,” I thought to myself. “He has to.” He bolted with more force, sending me flying like superwoman toward the ground. Oof! My stomach smacked hard against the grass. Jordy only went faster. The leash tightened, now a straight orange line that I refused to let go of. Hard dirt bumps rubbed fast against my stomach as I flew behind my dog across the grass. Bright green stains wiped against my shirt. Jordy dragged and dragged with no sign of stopping. My hands rubbed raw and tears rolled down my face.

I was skidding across the lawn when I heard a sound coming from the bottom of the hill. “Do you need help?” It was my neighbor, shouting from his driveway.

The pain wasn’t enough to take away my shyness. I yelled through my tearful bumpy ride, “I’m okay!”

My “walk” with Jordy only ended when I saw my sister’s blonde hair through my blurry vision, far away on the lawn. “Celsey!” Her mouth dropped open when she saw Jordy pulling me like a sled. “Get mom!

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5 thoughts on “Jordy’s ride

  1. Grace

    Been there! I think everyone who grows up with big dogs makes that mistake at least once (hopefully only once). You’ve done a great job of capturing that feeling, and I laughed at the detail of being too shy to ask the neighbor for help.

  2. thelifeofamomteacherwife

    This is the worst! As I too have refused to let go of the leash. Your words had me being pulled right along with you.

  3. Kristi Lonheim

    Oh no! That sounds like a scene out of a movie. “Get mom” was the hope of an ending, but I wonder how the scene wound down.

  4. Celsey Lumbra

    Green stains on our favorite orange L.E.I. t-shirt with the raised letters!!! That is the real tragedy here!!!


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