March 16

The grape incident (student mentor piece)

Snap! I popped open a grape with my teeth and sucked the juice. “How was your day today?” my mom asked from the other side of the counter.

“Good,” I responded.

“There’s nothing new in fourth grade?” she dug for details daily.

“Nope.” I grabbed another grape and popped. I looked up and noticed Mom’s mouth. It was opened wide in the shape of an “O.” I wound back my hand and launched the grape. It sailed through the air like a dart… right toward her mouth! “Uh oh…” I thought to myself. The grape rocketed right through her open lips. It bounced off the back of her throat and blocked her airway. Her eyes got big and she leaned forward, grabbing the counter. My stomach turned. My heart raced. I looked left and right, looking for something to help. What did I do?

Mom’s gasps turned into coughs as she stood back up. “Not the best idea we’ve ever had!” she said in between coughs. We erupted into laughter.

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3 thoughts on “The grape incident (student mentor piece)

  1. Kristi Lonheim

    Your opening, “Snap! I popped open a grape with my teeth and sucked the juice.” had me anticipating more grape pops to follow. I was expecting them to not all be yours. That was scary!

  2. Elisabeth Ellington

    I’m so fascinated by the line about how she dug for details daily. Your “nope” makes me wonder how often she got them! This is quite the story and will be a terrific student mentor text.


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